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Muhammad Ali Biography - A Stolen Bicycle, The Louisville Lip, A Controversial Champ, In And Out Of The Wilderness - SELECTED WRITINGS BY ALI:

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American boxer

His nickname, "The Greatest," almost says it all. The fact that it was self-anointed says the rest. Today, Muhammad Ali is the universally admired three-time heavyweight champion, lauded by boxing fans and civil rights leaders, both in America and throughout the world. He is remembered respectfully as the man of principle who threw away his Olympic medal in disgust at racism and who almost threw away his career when he refused to fight an unjust war in Vietnam. He is remembered fondly for his prowess in the ring and his consummate showmanship before the matches. He is an authentic American hero, struggling valiantly in his greatest battle, against Parkinson's Disease. When he was in his prime, he sparked as much controversy as affection. He was an angry Black Muslim and student of the radical Malcolm X, who was almost sent to jail for his views. The transformation of Ali is a remarkable testament to the man and his inner strength.


(With Richard Durham) The Greatest: My Own Story, New York: Random House, 1975.

Sketch by Robert Winters

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about 1 year ago

ali is a good man so live him long