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John Daly Biography - Family Moved To Arkansas, Cinderella Pga Champ, Problems Eclipse Success, Feels Alone, Chronology - SELECTED WRITINGS BY DALY:


American golfer

John Daly has won two major golf tournaments, one of them against unspeakable odds. He has also self-destructed through substance abuse, only to repeatedly bounce back. People admire his personal tenacity as much as his towering tee shots; many fans see Daly as one of them. "They've stuck by him through two PGA Tour suspensions, two trips to alcohol rehab centers, three failed marriages and counteless embarrassing moments," Bob Carter wrote for ESPN.com.


(With John Andrisani) Grip It and Rip It, New York: HarperCollins, 1992.

Sketch by Paul Burton

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about 5 years ago

John, My daughter is having the stomach wrap surgery soon and was inspired by your surgery and subsequent successful weight loss. Which type of stomach surgery did you have and did you have any complications following surgery? Would you do it again???

We follow your golf...hope to see you more in 2012.

One of your devoted fans,
Don Battoe