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Dominique Dawes - Where Is She Now?

yourself positive speaking road

Now retired, Dawes has stayed very involved in both gymnastics and inspirational speaking. She completed a stint with Washington D.C.'s local CBS affiliate where she profiled exceptional citizens. She was also a commentator for TNT at the Goodwill Games.

But Dawes' focus after retiring has been primarily on self-esteem issues. Her experiences on the road and in competition made Dawes acutely aware of the pressures girls go through. "Dig deep inside and celebrate yourself," she told Teenwire.com. "Find out who you are as a person and what's good about you. Both negative and positive attitudes are contagious; make sure to surround yourself with positive ones." She's been an official speaker for the Girl Scouts, speaking at events with a consistent message that success comes from respecting yourself first.

On the gymnastics front, Dawes was recently named Co-chair of The 2003 Visa American Cup, the first step on the road to the 2003 World Championships.

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