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Davey Allison - Related Biography: Race Car Driver Bobby Allison

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Davey Allison's father, Bobby Allison, was also a champion race car driver and an avid private airplane pilot. Born on December 3, 1937, Bobby Allison began racing in the 1950s. He moved to Alabama in 1959, where he joined with his brother, Donny Allison, and friend Red Farmer as the original members of the celebrated "Alabama Gang" of racers. In 1983, after four attempts, Bobby Allison won the Winston Cup. He stopped racing for several years after being involved in a near-fatal crash on the track in 1988, but he returned to race on the senior circuit in the early 1990s. Bobby and his wife, Judy, lost two sons, Davey and Clifford, to accidents. They also have two daughters, Carrie and Bonnie.

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