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Eric Dickerson - Where Is He Now?

football fund golf sponsored

Dickerson resides in Calabasas, California. Since leaving pro football, he's devoted a lot of time to various charity events. Over the past few years, he's sponsored fund-raisers for the American Diabetes Association and for a local leukemia patient. Dickerson plays golf five or six times a week and has even sponsored his own celebrity golf tournament.

In addition to his fund-raising, Dickerson has worked as a sports analyst. He joined the ABC Monday Night Football broadcasting team in 2000.

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over 8 years ago

I had opportunity of meeting Eric in LA, of course he was playing with the Colts at the time. I was in the Air Force stationed in P/AZ in I belive 1988. Man being a Denison, TX native, I cant explain the caliber and outstanding person ED is. He spoke to me and my collegues and just chilled for a few minutes. Of course i walked up to him to ask if he was ED, he smiled and said yes. He had shaved his head really short(No curl) so i wasnt sure. But, he is a stand up guy and very professional. I proud to say I met ED and will never forget his character...Friendly, Gentleman. An POSITIVE!!! Peace Eric Dickerson. 1 of the baddest Backs in NFL History!!