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Roberto Alomar - An Unfortunate Incident

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Alomar was traded to the Baltimore Orioles after the 1995 season. He remained an excellent player and continued to rack up Golden Glove awards and annual All-Star designations, but his career was marred by an unfortunate incident late in 1996. In one of the final games of the regular season, umpire John Hirschbeck mistakenly called a far outside pitch that should have been a ball a third strike. Alomar and Hirschbeck exchanged words at the plate. Alomar returned to the dugout peaceably, but once there he continued to complain about the unfairness of the call. Hirschbeck then threw Alomar out of the game, at which point Alomar and Orioles' manager Davey Johnson ran out onto the field to contest the call. The exchange that followed was very heated. Hirschbeck allegedly insulted Alomar in profane terms, but the cameras that were filming the game could not capture those words. What the cameras did capture, the image that was broadcast across the country in the days that followed, was Alomar spitting at Hirshbeck.


1968 Born February 5 in Ponce, Puerto Rico
1988 Begins playing for the San Diego Padres
1989 Is the youngest player in the National League on opening day
1991 Begins playing for the Toronto Blue Jays
1996 Spits in the face of umpire John Hirschbeck during a game
1999 Begins playing for the Cleveland Indians
2002 Begins playing for the New York Mets

Awards and Accomplishments

1990-2002 Named an All-Star
1991 Wins Golden Glove award
1992 Wins Golden Glove award
1992 Named Most Valuable Player of American League Championship Series
1992 World Series
1993 Wins Golden Glove award
1993 World Series
1994 Wins Golden Glove award
1995 Wins Golden Glove award
1996 Wins Golden Glove award
1998 Named Most Valuable Player of the All-Star Game
1998 Wins Golden Glove award
1999 Wins Golden Glove award
2000 Wins Golden Glove award
2001 Wins Golden Glove award

Alomar immediately regretted his behavior, but it was too late. The incident, and the league's handling of it, provoked a storm of controversy. Many people, including the umpires' union, said that Alomar's fivegame suspension, which he would not have to serve until the beginning of the next season, was too light. The umpires threatened to go to strike over their perception that the league was not taking an assault on one of their own seriously, and it took a court order to get them to keep officiating. In the meantime, the day after Alomar spat at Hirschbeck he hit a home run in the tenth inning to win a spot in the playoffs for Baltimore.

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