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German biathlete

Germany's Uschi Disl has won more Olympic medals in the biathlon than any other competitor, male or female, in the sport. A curious blend of cross-country skiing and sharp shooting, the biathlon presents unique challenges for its devotees; many, like Disl, serve in the military or as border guards in their home countries, where biathletes are able to train as part of a special unit. During the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, Disl helped bring her team the gold medal against some impressive competition from Russia and Norway, and with it gained the eighth Olympic win of her career, more than any other biathlete in history.


Address: Moserbergweg 6, 6345 Kössen, Austria. On-line: http://www.uschi-disl-fanclub.de/.

Sketch by Carol Brennan

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