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American baseball player

Larry Doby is the invisible man in the struggle to bring black players into major league baseball. For most of his career Doby lived in the long shadow cast by Jackie Robinson, the first African-American to play major league baseball. Doby, who joined the Cleveland Indians just eleven weeks after Robinson made his debut with Brooklyn was the second black player to enter the majors. He was the second black, after Frank Robinson, to manage a major league club, he was even the second major league player to play in Japan. Doby can lay claim to a number of important firsts however: he was the first African-American to jump directly from the Negro Leagues into the majors, the first to play in the American League, the first to play on a championship club, the first to hit a home run in the World Series, and the first black home run champion. Doby was also one of the first African-Americans to

Larry Doby

coach at the major league level and to enter the rank of major league executives. Like Jackie Robinson, in realizing these accomplishments Doby had to overcome the ugly racism that was permeated many facets of American life. He did it with courage and dignity. Along the way, Doby proved himself one of the most potent hitters in baseball.

Sketch by Mike Pare

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almost 7 years ago

July 13,2010,

George Steinbrenner died yesterday

Of course much has been made about this in NYC and elsewhere especially about the success of creating after 20 years a team now estimated at being worth 1.5 billion.

I was thinking about baseball during the parade of those who were extolling Steinbrenner's achievements and it occurred to me that he may be also blamed for turning baseball the game ,,,right...it's a game..that now depends on drugged muscle builders to merit the salaries and paid to insecure players.

“Drugged Monkeys” as one old Yankee fan has written.

Personally I think George Steinbrenner has ruined the Game of Baseball.

In the 1950's I was a fan of the Cleveland Indians, when the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn. I had 8 x 10 signed photos of all the players. This is back in the days when the signatures that were on the photos were real and not a photo process. I will add these were free. I still remember the first black player the Cleveland Indians had signed named Larry Doby. He was in 1952 and 1954 the American League Home Run Champ. At my age of eleven years baseball was exciting and the players were not hot topics in tabloids ot cheap television shows. And then there was Jack Lemon and we played ball as it was a game and not Little League. We loved the game that is now dead from suffering the greed that has changed the owners to Emporers and players into dehumanized contracted machines.

Steinbrenner got rich and murdered baseball.