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Camille Duvall - Contact Information

water skiing world ski

Address: Camille Duvall-Hero, 1356 Third Ave, New York, NY 10021.


1960 Born July 11 to Sam and Dianne Duvall
1964 Gets on water skis for the first time
1966 Wins her first water ski tournament
1973 Jumps 100 feet for the first time (105 feet measured)
1975 Family moves to Dallas, participates in horse riding and other sports while still skiing
1978 Moves back to Florida after graduating to focus on skiing
1979 Injures knee in a fall, drops out of skiing for 2 years.
1979 Marries for the first time. Will divorce a few years later when she decides to focus on skiing
1981 Gets back into skiing at the urging of her family
1982 Starts competing once again, goes on the road on a tournament tour
1986 Father dies of a heart attack at 49
1992 Publishes her book, Camille Duvall's Instructional Guide to Water Skiing
1994 Retires from a thirty year water skiing career while still ranked #1 in the world
2000 Sports Illustrated names her #91 on the 20th century's Top 100 athletes
2003 Inducted into the American Water Ski Hall of Fame

Awards and Accomplishments

1975-78 Member of Undefeated World Champion U.S. Elite Water Ski Team
1983-87 Member of Undefeated World Champion U.S. Elite Water Ski Team
1984-85 Women's Slalom Champion
1984-88 Wins Pro World Slalom Championships
1985 Women's World Slalom Champion
2003 Inducted into American Water Ski Hall of Fame
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about 10 years ago

one of the best water skiers in the world. long time- also use to love to go camping--- ronnie mo