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Teresa Edwards - One More Gold

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Edwards, however, was ready for one last Olympic attempt—the 2000 Games in Sydney. She announced that this would be her final international competition, and got in playing shape with daily workouts and games against men in an Atlanta gym. "It seems like she's older than she is because she's been playing so long," said Olympic teammate Ruthie Bolton-Holifield in a biography of Edwards published on the University of Georgia Athletic Association's web site. "But she's only three years older than me. Thirty-six is not crazy. To me, she's got some more years left in her." Edwards exited with her last gold as the Americans won all eight games and dominated Australia 76-54 in the championship game. She totaled 2,008 points overall for the U.S. in international competition and is the Americans' all-time Olympic career leader for games played (32), assists (143) and steals (59).

While retired as an active player, Edwards is still involved with the U.S. basketball program. The four-time Olympic gold medalist was the keynote speaker at the 2002 USA Basketball Women's Youth Development Festival. Edwards made her national debut at the event's forerunner, the U.S. Olympic Sports Festival, in 1981.

Edwards, asked why she enjoyed talking to the youth on the USA Basketball Women's Youth Development Festival web site, cited "the importance of respecting each other's talents because they're all on the same page, on the same level." She added: "Being there to answer questions that they may have at this time of their life, they're so young. If they can stay on the right path then I've done something to help somebody. So I think that, for me to give and for them to get something out of it is important."

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