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When Nick Faldo hired Fanny Sunesson to be his caddie in 1990, it marked one of the few times a woman was a full-time caddie on the men's PGA Tour. Sunesson was a native of the small town of Karlshamn, Sweden. Her parents were golf enthusiasts, and Sunesson herself began playing when she was 15 years old. She became focused on her golf game and was soon a decent amateur player. To get more experience and see the professional game up close, she decided to try being a caddie for professionals in 1986. Sunesson's first job came at a tournament in Stockholm that year when she convinced European tour player Jaime Gonzalez to hire her. She then worked for English player Howard Clark in the late 1980s, before Faldo asked her to be his caddy in 1990. She had the mental focus and attention to detail to caddie for someone as demanding as Faldo. Sunesson was also encouraging and helped him relax during play. The duo split in 1999, and she worked with other top golfers including Notah Begay and Sergio Garcia, before being rehired by Faldo in 2001.

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almost 11 years ago

Has Fanny Sunnison writen any books on her golfing experiences ?

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over 1 year ago

I think Fanny is the greatest of caddies, right up there with Bones and of course, Bruce. She was odd in the 1990s era for being a woma, as we all remarked on. But she was great to watch, with her Bob-tail as it was then, bobbing. Then again, after the brief interlude with Sergio, with Hendrick, with such obliviously calm Swedish side-bars. A great Caddie/partner. Quiet yet assertive. A true Swede.