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Juan Manuel Fangio - Awards And Accomplishments

won grand prix races

1940 Placed first at the Gran Premio Internacional del Norte
1940-41 Earned Argentine National Champion title
1941 Won both races he entered, including the Argentine One Thousand Miles
1942 Won four of five races completed
1947 Won three of ten races he completed
1948 Won three of seven races completed
1949 Won nine of fourteen races completed
1950 Won the French, Belgian, and Monaco grand prix, along with the Argentine 500 Miles
1951 Won the French, Swiss, and Spanish grand prix
1951, Won World Championship
1952 Won six of seven races completed before season cut short in crash at Monza, Italy
1953 Won the Italian grand prix
1954 Won the Argentinean, Belgian, German, Italian, French, and Swiss grand prix
1955 Won the Argentinean, Belgian, Italian, and Dutch grand prix
1956 Won the Argentinean, German, and British grand prix, along with the Sebring 12 Hours Race
1957 Won the Argentinean, French, German, and Monaco grand prix, along with the Sebring 12 Hours Race
1958 Won one race in five starts before quitting
1980s Had a race car museum and racetrack in his hometown named for him
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