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Rube Foster - Chronology

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1879 Born in Calvert, Texas
1896 Begins pitching with the traveling Waco Yellow Jackets, at age 17
1901 Joins the Chicago Union Giants, also known as the Leland Giants
1902 Switches to the Union Giants of Philadelphia
1902 Outpitches white star Rube Waddell of the Philadelphia Athletics in an exhibition game, earning himself the nickname "Rube" as a trophy
1903 Joins the Cuban X-Giants, also of Philadelphia and helps the team win the first black World Series
1904 Rejoins the Union Giants and helps them win World Series over the X-Giants
1907 Joins the Leland Giants as both manager and player, bringing with him seven teammates; persuades owner Frank Leland to fire some of his players and hire Foster's
1911 Forms partnership with John M. Schorling and creates Chicago American Giants, a team Foster called the greatest he ever assembled
1919 Race riots erupt in Chicago and other cities
1919 Calls meeting of best black ball clubs in Midwest and proposes formation of Negro National League, to be governed by National Association of Colored Professional Base Ball Clubs
1920 Foster presents constitution and incorporation documents to owners of black ball clubs to form eight-team Negro National League; Southern Negro League is formed later in year
1922 Negro League teams barnstorm in Japan
1923 Eastern Colored League is formed
1924 NNL Kansas City Monarchs beat ECL Philadelphia Hilldale Club in official Negro World Series
1925 Is exposed to gas leak in Indianapolis; health begins to fail
1926 Is placed in Illinois state asylum at Kankakee after nervous breakdown
1928 Schorling sells American Giants to white florist William E. Trimble
1930 Foster dies of heart attack; 3,000 attend funeral in Chicago
1981 Is inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame
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