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Dan Gable - Where Is He Now?

surgeries hip wrestling

In 1974, Gable married Kathy Carpenter, and together they had four daughters: Jennifer, Annie, Molly and Mackenzie. Today, at 53, Gable has finally learned to relax a bit. But not much. Gable's definition of relaxation is what most people might consider the hardest work of their lives.

He has had to slow down because his knees began hurting him if he ran too much, and the years of wrestling took their toll on his body. He has had two hip replacement surgeries and eight knee surgeries, as well as five hip surgeries to remove scar tissue.

"You have to be able to adapt as you get older," he says in American Health. After stepping down as the University of Iowa's Assistant Athletic Director. Gable continued his efforts as a champion of wrestling the world over.

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about 10 years ago

this website has all the info i need for my history day project

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over 9 years ago

Dan Gable is the best wrestler ever. NOT! I will be better than him. Iwill prove it next year when I become a freshman.