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Earl Anthony - Chronology

dick weber pba tour tournament wins

1938 Born April 27, in Kent Washington
1960 Offered baseball contract by Baltimore Orioles
1962 Bowls for the first time
1963 Bowls seven events on the PBA Tour
1969 Joins PBA Tour for second time
1970 Wins first PBA tournament
1974 Wins PBA Nationals and the Tournament of Champions back-to-back
1975 Becomes first bowler to win $100,000 on the PBA Tour
1976 Passes Dick Weber on all-time tournament victory list
1978 Suffers heart attack
1982 Becomes first bowler to pass $1 million in career winnings
1983 Retires from PBA Tour
1986 Briefly rejoins to PBA Tour
1990 Joins PBA Seniors Tour for one year
1996 Rejoins Seniors Tour for one year
1997 Wins last PBA tournament
2001 Dies in New Berlin, Wisconsin
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almost 9 years ago

According to Earl's first book,"Winning Bowling" (1977,2nd printing 1994 Anthony & D. Taylor) Earl writes that he started bowling for the first time in 1959 when he was 21 years old. Written in the section entitled, "How I Got Started in Bowling". At 21 it is quite late in life to start bowling, but according to Earl, he was quite athletic and intense in his bowling practice regimen. It is a shame that Susie or other family members do not have a book commissioned on his biography, hiring someone like Dawson Taylor, or Dan Herbst or someone to write the biography. I for one would buy it and hope it sold well.

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almost 9 years ago

Suggested corrections to the above:

-Born in TACOMA, Washington

-I don't believe he bowled for the very FIRST time in 1962.

-He bowled THREE (only 3) events on the PBA tour in 1963, and I question whether he bowled them as a PBA member.

-1969, joined PBA, and began his PBA career with the first tournament of 1970 in Wichita, Kansas.

-in 1988 (not 1990) he became eligible and bowled on the PBA Senior tour until 1991.

-1996, rejoined the PBA Senior tour for 2 years, retiring in 1997.