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Luis Aparicio Biography - Growing Up In Venezuela, Major League Career, Chronology, Establishes Many Records, Moving On After Professional Baseball

power player


Venezuelan baseball player

Most will agree that in the game of baseball, power is king. However, one individual who did not fit this mold, yet achieved star status, is Luis Aparicio. "Little Looie" set an example of skill, strength, and dexterity that seized the spotlight usually afforded to power hitters. While home runs were not his specialty, Aparicio's physical prowess and multi-faceted assets as a baseball player in the 1950s, 1960s, and l970s are well recorded in baseball history. In fact, many consider Luis Aparicio to be baseball's best all-around shortstop.

Luis Aparicio

Sketch by Jan Goldberg

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Why isn't the Baltimore Orioles mentioned in Luis's career? He did so well with the Orioles and was so well liked ay everyone??