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Ken Griffey Jr. - Chronology

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1969 Born November 21 in Donora, Pennsylvania
1979 Begins playing Little League baseball
1983 Enters Cincinnati's Moeller High School
1987 Drafted on June 2 as first-round, first pick by Seattle Mariners
1987 Plays in the minors in the Northwest League on a team based in Bellingham, Washington
1988 Swallows aspirin overdose in apparent suicide attempt in January
1988 Plays in the California League for the San Bernardino Spirit
1989 Attends Mariners training camp; plays so well he earns position on roster
1989 Makes major league debut on April 3
1990 Makes baseball history in August when his father, Ken Griffey, Sr., joins the Mariners and the Griffeys become the first father-son teammates in baseball history
1994 Becomes father on January 19 when Trey Kenneth Griffey is born
1995 Becomes father again on October 21 as Taryn Kennedy Griffey is born
1995 Fractures wrist on May 26; misses 73 games
2000 Traded from Seattle Mariners to Cincinnati Reds on February 10
2000 Plagued with sore knee and partially torn hamstring throughout season
2001 Partially tears hamstring during spring training on March 26
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