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Janet Guthrie - Chronology

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1938 Born March 7 in Iowa City, Iowa
1955 Earns pilot license at age seventeen
1960 Graduates from University of Michigan with B.Sc. in physics
1960 Joins Republic Aviation in New York as aerospace engineer
1960 Buys her first sports car, a used Jaguar XK 120
1963 Begins competing in high-speed car races
1964 Passes first round of eliminations of NASA's first Scientist-Astronaut Program
1967 Resigns position with Republic Aviation
1976 Granted a United States Auto Club license
1976 Becomes first woman to compete in NASCAR Winston Cup event
1976 Becomes first woman to enter Indianapolis 500 and pass the rookie test
1977 Becomes first woman to qualify and race in Daytona 500
1977 Becomes first woman to qualify and race in Indianapolis 500
1979 Finishes fifth in the Milwaukee 200, her last major race
1989 Marries Warren Levine
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