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over 5 years ago

Dear Mr. Tony Gwynn,

I am Dr János Donát, I started to collect autographs and signed pictures in 1970. My main purpose is to collect and preserve specimens of handwriting of outstanding people, such as prominent cultural figures of the whole world as well as politicians and as well from scientist to actors and from sportmen to actors and musicians. In my collection there are signatures of the religious leaders, politicians, royalities, scientists, writers, painters, sculptors, architects, directors, actors, sportmen, musicians, etc. I do not collect just signatures, my collection consists of photos with signatures (signed pictures), letters, historical manuscripts, namecards, postcards, etc.

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Our website:

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Yours truly,
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Dr. Janos Donat

1037 Budapest
Remetehegyi út 181/b

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almost 11 years ago

How or where do we send a letter that would get directly to Tony Gwynn? We have a charity event in Newport Beach, Ca, Sept 08 that we would like to have Tony be apart of. An event that we think he may be interested in. Please email me back contact info if at all possible!?

Thank you,

Gina Jaha