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Georg Hackl Biography - Mental Focus, Fearless And Technically Savvy, Decade Of Domination, Deprived Of Fourth Gold, Chronology - CONTACT INFORMATION

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German luger

Georg Hackl is regarded as the best ever to compete at luge, the Olympic sport in which participants lie on their backs on tiny sleds and speed feet-first down icy channels at 90 mph, their runs timed in thousandths of a second. Hackl, who is German, is good-naturedly called the "Flying Sausage" for his love of bratwurst and speed and, perhaps, his unathletic build. What he lacks in physique, however, Hackl more than makes up for in unshakable nerve and technical prowess. He dominated luge in the 1990s, becoming the first luger—and one of only five Winter Olympians from any sport—to win gold at three consecutive Olympic Games.


Address: Deutscher Bob-Rodelschlihen, Ander Shiesstrasse 6, Berchtesgarden, D-83471, Germany.

Sketch by David Wilkins

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