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Ernie Harwell - Where Is He Now?

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Ernie Harwell passed away in 2010. In addition to the information below, Harwell was an advocate for health and fitness in his post-retirement years.

Ernie Harwell continues to make his home most of the year in his beloved Michigan. He spends three months of each year with his wife Lulu in Lakeland, Florida.

His plans following retirement include catching up on a lot of reading and seeing a lot of plays. He also has expressed an interest in going back to songwriting, something he had done in the past for Mitch Ryder, B. J. Thomas, and other recording artists. Most of all, Harwell plans to spend plenty of time at home with Lulu. "Lulu and I have traveled a lot," he told the Detroit Free Press's Mike Brudenell, "so we might just take it easy for a little while." And, of course, baseball will never be far from his mind. As he told Brudenell, "I'd also like to watch as many baseball games as possible on TV or listen to them on the radio."

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almost 10 years ago

Ernie, I met you at the opening of your room at the Detroit libary with Gary Spicer. What a great moment for me and my wife, we had our picture take with you and our friends Tom and Edda LaFramboies.

I would like to send you a base ball to sign and I gladly would donate to your favorite charty. Is this possible?

Thank you, Rick Baker 734-2845429