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brother ramp bmx


American BMX rider

Mat Hoffman, five years old, stood at the top of a home-made ramp in the family's backyard, perched on his BMX bike with only an older brother's grip to keep him from falling over the edge. He pleaded with his brother to hold on tight so, as older brothers will, he dropped him. Hoffman flew down the ramp, and took the jump while keeping his balance. After yelling at his brother for the breach in confidence, Hoffman demanded they do it again. And with that, an extreme athlete was born.


Address: Mat Hoffman, Hoffman Bikes, 4307 N Walnut Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK, 73105.

Sketch by Ben Zackheim

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almost 7 years ago

Hi mat hoffman. I'am the colombia Barranquilla. We love stree BMX. I'am pro in barranquilla. help for plis, plis,plis. Contructor an skeetpark. My brother IN WHAT DO YUO CAN HELP. Te invito a barranquilla a qui te queremos mucho y te emos se guido tus pasos desde tus inicios en el BMX a qui eres bien famoso. te deseo lo mejor de los exitos Mat hoffman eres el condor. el mejor de todos los tiempos. epero tu respuesta bay, bay.