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Michael Irvin - Falls From Grace

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At the top of his game in 1995, Irvin's world came crashing down in 1996. On March 3, 1996, two days before his thirtieth birthday, Irvin was arrested in a room at a Residence Inn in Irving, Texas, where cocaine and marijuana were found. Known for his heavy indulgence, Irvin was in the company of teammate Alfredo Roberts and two young women whose professions were noted as topless "models." Police found close to three ounces of marijuana and nearly four ounces of cocaine on two dinner plates, along with rolling papers, razors, other drug paraphernalia and sex toys. According to Sports Illustrated, when the police officers pulled out the handcuffs, Irvin rebuffed them saying, "Hey, can I tell you who I am?"


1966 Born March 5 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
1983-84 Star football and basketball player for Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, Fort Lauderdale
1984-88 Star football player for the University of Miami
1988 Drafted by the Dallas Cowboys as the eleventh pick overall of the National Football League (NFL) draft
1989 Jerry Jones buys Cowboys, drafts quarterback Troy Aikman; finishes season with only one win
1993-94 Wins back-to-back Super Bowl titles
1995 Loses Super Bowl to the San Francisco 49ers
1996 Wins third Super Bowl ring; arrested and charged with possession of cocaine; falsely accused of rape
1998 Cuts a teammate with a pair of scissors during a scuffle
1999 Announces retirement
2000 Arrested for possession of marijuana; charges later dropped
2001 Experiences religious conversion
2002 Hired by Fox Sports Net as an analyst on "NFL This Morning"

Awards and Accomplishments

1991 Received National Football League (NFL) Alumni award as Wide Receiver of the Year
1991-95 Named to the NFL Pro Bowl
1993-94, 1996 Wins Super Bowl as member of the Dallas Cowboys

From that moment Irvin's life became a media circus, with Irvin himself adding fuel to the fire by showing up to court in a full-length black mink coat and dark sunglasses. The whole ordeal became even more unbelievable when a Dallas police officer was arrested for conspiring to murder Irvin. The officer's common law wife was called before the Grand Jury to testify because her name had appeared in the motel's log along with Irvin's on numerous occasions. Another topless model, the woman testified at length about Irvin's drug and sex habits. Irvin found out about the testimony and allegedly threatened the woman. The police officer in turn reportedly paid $3,000 down on $30,000 to put a hit on Irvin.

Irvin went to trial on drug-related charges, but before the decision was turned over to the jury, he agreed to a plea bargain, pleading guilty to cocaine possession, a second-degree felony, that cost him $10,000 and 800 hours of community service. On July 17, 1996, the day the trial ended, Irvin held a news conference and was, for the first time, contrite. His wife was at his side although she had never appeared with him in court, and Irvin publicly apologized to his family, fans, teammates, and the Dallas organization. Suspended for the first five games of the 1996 season, Irvin spent time in Florida trying to make amends with his family.

Irvin continued to make periodic headlines. In December of 1996 he and a teammate were falsely accused of rape, and in 1998 he was involved in a bizarre incident during training camp when he allegedly inflicted a two-inch cut in the neck of Dallas guard Everett McIver while some team members were getting haircuts. Whether it was assault or "horseplay," McIver did not press charges, and rumors swirled that Jones brokered a six-figure settlement with McIver to drop the matter.

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about 10 years ago

Michael Irvin is scum. He should be grateful that Gene Upshaw helped make a league where players could not only make the money they did, but keep making that money while being part-time thugs. Instead, Irvin goes on the air the day after Upshaw dies and rails against him for not taking care of EX-players. What a loser. Get him off ESPN radio, please.

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almost 2 years ago

In 1995 the Cowboys lost to the 49'ers in the the NFC championship game, they didn't even make it to the Superbowl that year.

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almost 4 years ago

Dudes. Hate on "The Play Maker" if you must, but, first, ask yourself this: How bad of a man is he that he could make The Police call The Police?

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about 7 years ago

Michael Irvin Is amazing, and all these people throwing crap at him is retarded. He is a amazing football player and yeah he messes up, so does every other human being.

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over 8 years ago

Ha, If thats the case than half of the pro football hall of fame members needs to be eliminated. Lets start with O.J. and Lawrence Taylor. And thats just the begining.

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over 9 years ago

You people are idiots michael irvin was the best and greatest football player ever noone in the world will ever be as good as that man throw a ball to or around him watch that man catch it you people are idiots seriously so what he loved sex and drugs that honestly is noone but his own business dummys

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over 9 years ago

i think its ridiculous how celebrities do something stupid but yet people still think they're amazing whereas everyday people are shunned for life...

i understand that we're all human but then why don't we treat each other equally once one makes this mistake???

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almost 11 years ago

Hey it dosnt matter what u do as long as ur one of the greatest that ever lived.

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about 11 years ago

Irvin was the heart and soul of a champion. Irvin worked hard... and partied harder. I don't condone everything he did, but he is human. Irvin is my favorite athlete of all time. I wish there were more players like him.

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over 11 years ago

And this guy is in the Hall of Fame? He'd better be glad I didn't have a vote. I would never have voted that criminal into the Hall. The Hall should be reserved for talent and character, of which Irvin does not have the latter.