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almost 10 years ago

Hi Reggie, not sure you will remember me, we went to Cheltenham High together, you, me, Irvin, George, Danny we had the 1955 organ chevy, we use to race up and down glenside ave. Well just wanted to say hi and wish you well. Lou

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about 11 years ago

Hi Reggie,

We were friends at ASU. In case the name eludes you, I was the cheerleader on crutches at the same time you were and our acquaintance went through your rookie year. If you will be at the Barret Jackson show this week, I am still in Scottsdale and would love to see you. Email me.


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over 11 years ago

Mr. Jackson,

My younger brother has been a fan of yours going back to the early 70's. So much so that while playing baseball and softball his jersey number was 44. To this day his nickname is 4's. Barry and his wife are diehard Yankee fans, much to this K.C. Royals fan's dismay. He will be turning 44 in March of 2008 and I'd love to be able to present him with a personally autographed Reggie Jackson picture. Could I impose upon you to send one for his birthday? It would mean more than words can say. Sincerely, Cathy

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over 11 years ago

Hello Mr. Jackson-As an avid car collector, would you be interested in purchasing one of the first 1,000 Pontiac Solstice, #21 to be exact. I own it and it has less than 1,300 actual miles on it. It is black with beige/gray interior, and FLAWLESS! Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks-Darin in Phoenix, AZ