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boiling gold ncaa tournament


American college basketball coach

Pete Axthelm of Newsweek has called Bobby Knight a "boiling blend of brilliance and loyalty, fanaticism and temper." And in fact, there isn't a college coach who can incite more debate and who can get the blood of fans boiling more (both his fans and those of opposing teams). Knight is one of those people about whom the phrase "either you love him or you hate him" seems to ring true. But regardless of what you think of Knight's actions and the way he handles his job, there is no denying that the coaching he has done for four decades now is anything short of amazing. Though his methods are, at times (indeed, often times) suspect, he gets results. He has led his teams to 25 NCAA tournament appearances, three NCAA Tournament Championships, and five Final Four appearances. He has also been one of only three coaches to win the Pan American Games gold and an Olympic gold medal.


(With Bob Hammel) Knight: My Story. Thomas Dunne Books, 2002.

Sketch by Eric Lagergren

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