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Julie Krone - Further Information

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about 11 years ago

I was working at Timonium Race Track in Maryland in 1967-1970, for Babe Saportasm Hores Trainer, at we had the Kathy Kusner, exercising , the horses in the mornings, which was cool, but when Julie came along, the Racing Record Books changed as far as Jockeys in General, what a gutsy rider . Julie's life is such an inspiration to me, I had an autographed

Colonial Affairs , tee shirt signed by Julie Krone, when they won the Belmont Stakes. Would you know where I can try to obtain another??

I love those Horses!! Just sitting in the stands, with a program, smoking a Cigar, and sipping on a Beer, is the Life for me.

Thank you

Mark Shepperd

Timonium, Maryland


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over 11 years ago

Hi. I'm writing on behalf of my daughter, Zoe who is truly inspired by Julie Krone. She has become so enthralled and interested in the world of horse racing; has started riding lessons and has started trying to learn the ins and outs of the professional horse racing industry. Recently, she toured the back stretch of Saratoga and learned a ton. There's no stopping her now! A message from Julie - a note, email, card, picture...could and would be so wonderful. I am sure Julie gets a ton of requests like this - and I'm not sure if I've done a good job setting this one apart; but please know it's from the heart.

I followed Julie's career in its twilight and was also awestruck by her incredible achievements. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Ralph Elwell
on behalf of Zoe Elwell, 10 years old.