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American jockey

American Donna Barton, considered among the most successful female jockeys of all time, is one of only a handful of female jockeys to ride in a Breeders' Cup event. Barton took on her first job as a jockey as a way to earn enough money to attend college. Second only to top-ranked Judy Krone in wins among female jockeys, she had won $4.6 million in purse earnings by 1998.


Address: c/o Churchill Downs, 700 Central Ave., Louisville, KY 40208.



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over 7 years ago

Hey Donna, I have been an onwer for over 20 years now. I had the pleasure of you riding for me once. I would like to say thanks for the winner that day at Churchill Downs. 11-14-94 on a horse named Trout Creek. Always did like the way you rode and how nice you are. Hope all is good with Frankie Brothers and you. Andrew

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over 9 years ago

Donna, Did you live in Edinboro,Pa. a long, long time ago? like 25 years ago.