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Connie Mack Biography - From Player To Manager, Fifty Years Of Ups And Downs, Chronology, Awards And Accomplishments - SELECTED WRITINGS BY MACK:

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American baseball manager

Baseball was manager Connie Mack's lifelong career. He retired as manager of the Philadelphia Athletics in 1950 after fifty years on the job, spanning the first half of the twentieth century. Mack was known and loved for his gentlemanly conduct both in and out of the dugout. He represented a fatherly figure to his players and built teams through his superb ability as a baseball talent scout. From the dugout, he controlled every play with the wave of a scorecard and was far ahead of his time in tracking where batters hit the ball off particular pitches. He was also known as a shrewd businessman who sold off his best players to keep his team operating in the black and then later rebuilt the team when the economy improved. Mack's Athletics vacillated between long losing streaks and brilliant winning streaks, taking home five World Series championships and nine American League pennants.


How To Play Base-Ball, Brewer, Barse & Co., 1908. Connie Mack's Baseball Book, Knopf, 1950; rev. ed. published as From Sandlot to Big League: Connie Mack's Baseball Book, 1960. My 66 Years in the Big Leagues: The Great Story of America's National Game, Winston, 1950.

Sketch by Ann H. Shurgin

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almost 6 years ago



What a marvelous surprise to find a

short paragraph that relates to the

famous and respected Connie Mack!

Connie Mack was a young man when he

left North Brookfield, MA. At a very

young age he swore never to drink alcohol or smoke tobacco. Mr. Mack never altered his promise of which his dear Mother was truly proud.

Mr. Mack was born in No.Brookfield

on December 26, 1962. He was known

to all who enjoyed the game of real


Mr. Mack, my grand-uncle, escorted

my sister and I to Fenway Park many

times when the Philadelphia A's were in Boston's Fenway Park.

"Uncle Con", as he was named, had

both an honest Faith and a genuine

sincerity his entire life.

Sadly, Uncle Con died in February of 1956 having given up ownership-management of his well-known

Philadelphia Athletics.

Uncle Con's funeral was very well-attended and there were countless baseball players present as well as

relatives, friends, and beloved

friends from the business world.

May Hod bless his precious soul!

Friday. May 06, 2011 Boston, MA