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Greg Maddux - Getting His Start

league starts pitched

Although he was an all-state baseball player in both his junior and senior years of high school, there were not many offers on the table at graduation time. The agent Scott Boras who wanted to represent Maddux advised him to go to college. The Chicago Cubs had made him a second-round draft choice and offered him a signing bonus. Maddux took their offer and vowed not to touch the money until he made the major leagues.

Maddux started in the rookie league with Pikesville in 1984, where he won six games and lost three with an earned-run average of 2.63. He pitched two shutouts during the twelve starts he made that year. In 1985, Maddux pitched 13 wins in 27 starts and 186 innings for Peoria in the Midwest League and made the league All-Star Team.

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