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Mark McGwire - Where Is He Now?

foundation children

Mark McGwire lives in Orange County, California, close to his son, his ex-wife, and other family. He devotes his time to the Mark McGwire Foundation for Children, an organization dedicated to helping abused children. McGwire founded the foundation and has funded it with millions of dollars of his own money. In 2002 he began working with the National Kidney Foundation as well. Although he is still relatively young by baseball standards, he has said there is no chance he will ever come out of retirement and play the game again.

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almost 6 years ago

Mark Magwire sacrificed his testicles for fortune and fame, and now he's created a kidney foundation in case his kidneys fail from the stress of chemical abuse. He should also look into sponsoring a clinic that offers therapy for out of control acne and back hair.

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about 8 years ago

I'm proud of you Mr. Mcgwire. You will always be my hero no matter what. It takes courage to do what you did and everyone should know that. No matter what mistakes you may have made, you did more for this country than any ballplayer ever could. Whenever I play baseball or whiffle ball, I emulate your stance as you once did with the bat down low. Although we have never met, you mean more to me as a person than as a ballplayer. I look forward to seeing you as the hitting coach for the Cardinals. Lastly, as time passes, you will feel great relief after getting this out. Give it time and be strong!


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about 8 years ago

Hello Mark

I hope that you are doing well and

I would like to make a comment from my personal experience As a cardinal baseball fan from the 60's to current. I have seen a lot of great players in St. Louis and You still stand out at the top of my list of all my favorites and I currently cannot wait to see your presence back in the Cardinal uniform. I feel no matter what dirt are bullshit that they have ever directed your way it was all not diserving. You are the one individual that brought baseball back, Brought fans back to pack the stadiums just to see your performance. I watched stadiums fill up for batting practice, This I had never seen before. You were a force above all. The only thing that I wish that I could have experienced is about 5 to 6 years of you and Albert in the same line up together. That would have been the most feared Duo of all time. Thanks for all the great memories.

See you soon in St. Louis Coach Mark. Your presence in the Birds on the Bat will bring many cheers back to Busch Stadium.

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over 8 years ago

Hello Mr.McGwire I was just wanting to say to you that you truly are one of the best to play the game and when I was growing up in Biloxi,MS playing baseball for my High school I allways thought of hitting the ball like you,and also seing how hard you worked on and off the field.What I want to say to you is no matter what you will allways be remembered as a great baseball player in my thoughts and I still argue with people about you when we talk about baseball.So just keep doing what you are doing with your family and enjoy your life with them and remember how many people you influenced me being one and it helped me be the person I am thanks Mr.McGwire your friend Artie Bo

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over 9 years ago


I purchased a Mickey Mantle autographed jersey in 2000 that had info that it was signed and given on 2/8/91 to Mark McGwire's foundation in Oakland (To Mark, Mickey Mantle 2/8/91). I would like to know if there is any information, knowledge or photos you or Mr. McGwire may have of this jersey as I was looking to donate it to the Lung Cancer Foundation in SF.

Can you help. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!


Andy Geckler