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Stan Musial - Where Is He Now?

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Stan Musial has remained one of St. Louis's civic treasures. In his early 80s, though retired from active management of his famous restaurant, Stan Musial and Biggie's, Musial continues to make frequent visits there. Visiting sports stars and other celebrities often will make a pilgrimage there, and Musial holds court. As he's done all his life, he freely gives autographs and pauses to talk with anyone who wishes to greet him.

Musial spends most of his time with his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. He also has countless friends in St. Louis and still frequently donates his time to charities and civic events, such as the Stan Musial Golf Classic, which benefits a local helping organization, Covenant House. Musial remains active at Major League Baseball functions and with the St. Louis Cardinals. He frequently attends the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies in Cooperstown, New York, and is often present at Cardinals home games.

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about 6 years ago

I once saw "The Man" hit 5 home runs in a doubleheader....wow!