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Myriam Bedard - Awards And Accomplishments

won biathlon championship world

1987 Won first and second Canadian Junior Biathlon Championship
1988 Won first at Canadian Junior Biathlon Championship; won two North American championship races; won first and second at Canada Cup tests
1989 Won Canadian Senior Championship; competed in World Junior Championship, finishing fourth in a sprint
1991 Won gold medal at the World Cup Biathlon; won medals in five of six biathlon competitions; finished biathlon season ranked second overall
1992 Won bronze in 15-km event at Winter Olympics in Albertville, France
1993 Won gold and silver at the World Biathlon Championship; placed second in World Cup standings
1994 Won gold medals in the 7.5-km and 15-km event at the Winter Olympics, Lillehammer, Norway; won silver in the 15-km event at the World Cup; won Bobbie Rosenfeld Award as Canada's female athlete of the year; won Lou Marsh Trophy as Canadian athlete of the year; awarded the Meritorious Service Cross
1995 Received the Velm Springstead Award for being athlete of the year in 1994
2001 Received Olympic Order from the International Olympic Committee
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