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international gold skater finesse


Ukrainian figure skater

An Olympic champion with a heart of gold, figure skater Viktor Petrenko is known for his finesse on skates and for the finesse of his heart. With his trademark grace and poise on the ice, he skated to gold-medal championships in international amateur competition and generously used his influence to raise funds and otherwise assist with worthy causes both internationally and at the personal level. Following the breakdown of his national identity, the Soviet Union in 1991, Petrenko broke new ground as an international representative of the newly recognized independent Ukraine. In the mid 1990s he immigrated to the United States where he raises a family, performs, teaches, and maintains close ties with his homeland.

Petrenko was born in the Black Sea port city of Odessa on June 27, 1969. His parents, Tamara and Vassily were engineers. Petrenko, the eldest of their two sons, was never athletic by nature. He was, in fact, a sickly child, but he enjoyed soccer, and his parents encouraged him to skate at the local rink so that he might develop more stamina and strength. He also studied classical dance and was an accomplished student of ballet.


Address: c/o International Skating Center of Connecticut, 1375 Hopmeadow Street, P. O. Box 577, Simsbury, CT 06070. Online: www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Midfield/3907/CelebVik.htm.

Sketch by G. Cooksey

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