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Kirby Puckett - Humble Beginnings

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Kirby Puckett was born March 14, 1960 (some sources say 1961), in Chicago, Illinois, the son of postal worker William Puckett and his wife, Catherine. He was the youngest of nine children. The family was poor, making their home in the Robert Taylor housing project on Chicago's South Side. As a boy, Puckett loved baseball and played his early games using aluminum-foil bats and balls made from rolled-up socks. He played ball whenever and wherever he could, scratching out makeshift baseball diamonds and scrounging a team from among neighborhood playmates. Puckett considers his parents heroes because they supported him in his interest and made life in the projects bearable.

Short and stocky, Puckett began body building at Calumet High School in Chicago. He played baseball there and for the semipro Chicago Pirates, at third base. By the time he graduated, however, no major league scouts had made him an offer. He went to work in a Ford Motor Company plant and later worked as a census taker. One year after graduation, he was offered a scholarship to Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, after trying out for the Kansas City Royals.

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