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Kirby Puckett - Awards And Accomplishments

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The Branch Rickey Award is given by the Rotary Club of Denver to Major League Baseball's top community volunteer.
The Roberto Clemente Award is given to the Major League player who best represents baseball through community service.
1982 Named Minor League Player of the Year by Baseball America
1984 Topps Major League All-Rookie Team; voted Rookie of the Year by Minnesota Twins
1985 Calvin Griffith Award as Minnesota Twins' Most Valuable Player
1986 American League Silver Slugger Team; Most Valuable Player, Twin Cities Chapter, Baseball Writers Association of America
1986-95 American League All-Star Team
1986-89, 1991 Gold Glove Award
1987 Minnesota Twins won World Series
1987-89 Silver Slugger Award
1991 Minnesota Twins won World Series
1993 Branch Rickey Award
1995 Chosen one of five most caring athletes by USA Weekend
1996 Roberto Clemente Award
2001 Inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame, the third youngest living player to be so honored
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