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American volleyball player

Gabrielle Reece is not only known for her physical prowess, but also for her beauty. She has made a name for herself in the world of sports by merely being herself, and she has graced the world with her beauty by modeling to make a living while doing what she truly loves, which is playing volleyball. Reece has made great strides in challenging the world's perception of femininity and size, being 6'3" and weighing 160-170 pounds. She has never been ashamed to tell people her weight,

Gabrielle Reece

and it is obvious why, as she is quite fit. Reece's goal in life is to change people's perceptions of what it is to be a woman and an athlete. She is not one to mince words and her straightforward communication is refreshing. Reece continues to intrigue the world, with her latest pursuit being golf. It is clear she is a woman of many talents and is always up for the challenge.


(With Karen Karbo) Big Girl in The Middle. New York: Crown Publishers, Inc., 1997.

Sketch by Barbra J Smerz

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