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Frank Robinson - Awards And Accomplishments

league named national player

1956 National League Rookie of the Year
1957, 1959, 1961-62, 1965 National League All-Star
1961 Named National League's Most Valuable Player
1966 Named American League's Most Valuable Player
1966 Named World Series' Most Valuable Player
1966 Babe Ruth Award
1966 Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year
1966 Hickock Professional Athlete of the Year
1966 Sid Mercer Award
1966 Clark Griffith Award
1966 Rogers Hornsby Award
1966-71, 1974 American League All-Star
1968 Named Puerto Rico Winter League Manager of the Year
1971 Most Valuable Player, All-Star Game
1982 Inducted into National Baseball Hall of Fame
1982 Named National League's Manager of the Year
1989 Named American League's Manager of the Year
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almost 8 years ago

This question is for Robin , F. Robinsons accomplishments are outstanding no doubt but when did he get baseballs triple crown ?

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over 8 years ago

Will never be matched in 1000 years.

Think about it- Rookie of the Year,

NL & AL MVP and All Star

Triple Crown


All Star game MVP

NL & AL manager of year

On 2 world champ teams

Hall of Fame

What else is there for a non-pitcher? No one else has ever come close to this or ever will!