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Sugar Ray Robinson Biography - Walker Smith, Jr., Smitty The Flyweight, Sugar Ray Robinson, Sergeant Smith, Won The Welterweight Belt - SELECTED WRITINGS BY ROBINSON:

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American boxer

Five-time middleweight champion of the world, Sugar Ray Robinson is remembered as the greatest boxer ever produced by the sport. He won Golden Gloves championships in both featherweight and welterweight classifications and retired undefeated as the world welterweight champion in 1952. He managed also a brief career as a tap dancer, and his Ray Robinson Enterprises spanned the better part of a city block in New York City on 7th Avenue, between 123rd and 124th Streets. Known also for his great generosity and his concern for children, Robinson holds a special place in boxing history.


(With Dave Anderson) Sugar Ray, Viking Press, 1969.

Sketch by G. Cooksey

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about 6 years ago

wats up

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i like this this is for school and im duin great!!:)

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about 5 years ago

hi my name is nyshia crosby and i am a big fan of yours and i want to meet you some day

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over 8 years ago

Yes dad was the first Sports/Entertainment Superstar and made his name known for ecelence in life in and out of the Ring!

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over 9 years ago

I think Ray Robinson was the greatest and his fight records prove it. I dont think people talk about him much becouse Muhamed Ali was in the spot light. Byfar Sugar Ray Robinson is one of the greatest all around boxers of his time and will forever be known by those who truly relize that the greater boxer isn't spoken of anymore.