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Alex Rodriguez Biography - Great Expectations, Breakthrough To Stardom, Chronology, Record Contract, The Lone Ranger, Awards And Accomplishments

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American baseball player

At a very young age, Alex Rodriguez was being compared to the greatest shortstops in baseball history. Few if any shortstops had ever combined consistent and slick fielding with powerful offensive production the way Rodriguez did in his early years. At age 26 he established a new all-time record for home runs by a shortstop in a single season, and the following year he broke his own record. He also set new standards for athletic compensation. Rodriguez's $252 million, ten-year contract with

Alex Rodriguez

the Texas Rangers in December 2000 was the most lucrative in the history of professional sports, and it caused headlines worldwide. Rodriguez became the foremost example of the well-paid modern athlete, as well as a popular and handsome celebrity. Entering his prime years and steadily increasing his power production, Rodriguez was considered a candidate to eventually become baseball's all-time career home run champion.

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