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Juan Antonio Samaranch Biography - Born In Barcelona, Elected President Of Ioc, Chronology, Recruits Corporate Sponsors, Guides Ioc To Financial Success - CONTACT INFORMATION, SELECTED WRITINGS BY SAMARANCH:

olympic international committee stepped


Spanish athletic administrator

In his two decades at the helm of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Juan Antonio Samaranch worked a miraculous transformation, turning what was a largely amateur enterprise into a billion-dollar showcase for the world's finest professional athletes. Sadly, however, when he stepped down as IOC president in July 2001, he left behind an organization badly tainted by scandal, much of it generated by the charges of widespread corruption and bribe-taking in connection with Salt Lake City's successful bid for the 2002 Winter Olympics. Although he surrendered the IOC presidency to Belgian surgeon Jacques Rogge in mid-2001, Samaranch will never be far from the heart of the Olympic movement, having been named honorary president for life of the Olympic organization. And he's not the only Samaranch deeply involved in IOC affairs. Before Samaranch stepped down, his son, Juan Antonio Samaranch, Jr., known as Juanito, was elected a member of the IOC.


Address: Juan Antonio Samaranch, c/o International Olympic Committee, Chateau de Vidy, 1007, Lausanne, Switzerland; 40 Bay St., Ste 300, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5J 2X2. Fax: (41 21) 621-6216. Phone: (41 21)621-6111.


Memorias Olimpicas, Planeta Publishing, 2002.

Sketch by Don Amerman

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