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Joan Benoit Samuelson - Chronology

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1957 Born in Cape Elizabeth, Maine
1972 Begins running while recovering from a skiing accident
1979 Sets women's record in her first Boston Marathon.
1979 Graduates from Bowdoin College.
1981-84 Coaches Boston University women distance runners.
1983 Set women's world record of 2:22:43 at Boston Marathon.
1984 Set women's world record for marathon at Olympic Games.
1984 Marries Bowdoin graduate Scott Samuelson.
1987 Runs Boston Marathon while three months pregnant with first child.
1989 Finishes ninth among women runners at Boston Marathon.
1991 Finishes fourth among women runners at Boston Marathon.
1991 Diagnosed with asthma.
1996 Places 13th at 1996 Olympic Trials.
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over 6 years ago

Joan Benoit was a great person,she ran the Boston Marathom Three months pregnant!!!!