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American baseball executive

Throughout the decade and a half that she was owner of Major League Baseball's (MLB) Cincinnati Reds, Marge Schott managed to offend just about everyone—including players, fans, and her fellow owners—with the use of racial slurs and other insensitive remarks. Twice suspended by the MLB for such comments, Schott remained feisty and combative until the end, which came in the early fall of 1999 when Schott sold her controlling interest in the Reds to a group headed by Carl H. Lindner. A day after handing over control of the Reds to Lindner, Schott told Michael Perry of the Cincinnati Enquirer: "I think I tried my best, I really do. When I came in, there wasn't much attendance … I was able to survive 15 years and turn the Reds around financially and … also we had some wins. I don't think a lot of owners have even won the World Series [her Reds did in 1990]—although I got reprimanded for sweeping. But I couldn't help that. I'm not too ashamed of what we've accomplished."

Marge Schott


Address: Marge Schott, c/o Schottco Corp., 30 E. Central Pkwy., Suite 300, Cincinnati, OH 45202-1118. Phone: (513) 721-8400.

Sketch by Don Amerman

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