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Wendell Scott - Awards And Accomplishments

hall fame inducted national

1947 Placed 3rd and won $50 in first ever race at Danville Fairgrounds
1959 Won Virginia State Championship as well as twenty-two other races in the Dixie Circuit
1961 Finished in the top ten 5 times, earning $3,240
1962 Finished in the top ten 11 times, earning $7,000
1963 Only Grand National win, Jacksonville Speedway Park, Jacksonville, Florida, on December 1
1964 Only pole position start at Grand National race in Savannah, Georgia, on July 20
1964 Set Grand National record for 40th place starter at World 600 in Charlotte, North Carolina, when he finished 9th
1965 Ranked 11th in the nation, earning $20,000
1977 Inducted into Black Athletes Hall of Fame
1994 Inducted into Jacksonville, Florida Hall of Fame
1996 Inducted into Danville Register & Bee Hall of Fame
1997 Inducted into National Sports Hall of Fame
1999 Inducted into International Motorsports Hall of Fame
2000 Inducted into Virginia Sports Hall of Fame and National Motorsports Press Association Hall of Fame
2002 Inducted into Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History Hall of Fame
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