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Eunice Kennedy Shriver Biography - Growing Up A Kennedy, Presidential Influence, Someone Believes, Chronology, Awards And Accomplishments, Still Going Strong

mentally rosemary challenged


American sports activist

Eunice Kennedy Shriver can be recognized by her name alone. That was not good enough for her, however, and she forged her own way in the world. Shriver's life was deeply touched by her older sister Rosemary, who was mentally challenged. She noticed how Rosemary struggled to keep up with her and her siblings. Shriver wanted to make a difference for others like Rosemary, showing everyone the wonderful gifts those who were mentally challenged held. Shriver changed the way people perceived those who were mentally impaired, helping those who were mentally challenged believe in themselves and inspiring them to become all they could be by exposing them to new activities.

Sketch by Barbra J Smerz

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