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Kordell Stewart Biography - Born In New Orleans, Accepts Scholarship To Colorado, Declares For 1995 Nfl Draft, Steelers Fare Poorly In 1998, 1999 - CONTACT INFORMATION

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American football player

Star quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Kordell Stewart led his team to the Super Bowl his very first season in the National Football League (NFL). After seven seasons as a quarterback with the Steelers, Stewart boasted a pass-completion rate of 55.7 percent for a total of 12,173 yards and sixty-four touchdowns. Despite his obvious prowess as a quarterback, Stewart has also seen service as a wide receiver, running back, and punter, making him one of pro football's most versatile players and earning him the nickname "Slash" from head coach Bill Cowher. Of Stewart's importance to the Steelers, Cowher told Sports Illustrated: "No one can exemplify this team's unselfish attitude more than Kordell Stewart. I'm sure he'll never forget some of the things he's had to go through, and I wouldn't wish them upon anyone, but he's buried the hatchet and handled himself like the consummate pro."


Address: Kordell Stewart, c/o Pittsburgh Steelers, 100 Art Rooney Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5721. Phone: (412) 697-7181.

Sketch by Don Amerman

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