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American swimmer

Champion swimmer Amy Van Dyken began swimming at age six to help in her battle against asthma. She could not swim the full length of an Olympic-size pool until age twelve, but by college she was highly decorated for her speed and ability. At the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia, she and her teams placed first in the 50-meter freestyle, 100-meter butterfly, 400-meter freestyle relay, and 400-meter medley relay. These victories made her the first American woman to win four gold medals in one Olympic Games. In spite of two shoulder surgeries, Van Dyken returned to the Olympics in 2000 to win two more gold medals in relays, for a total of six. Since retiring from swimming after the Sydney, Australia, games, Van Dyken has taken up a new sport, the triathlon.


Address: c/o U.S. Swimming, Inc., 1 Olympic Plaza, Bldg. 2A, Colorado Springs, CO 80909-5770.

Sketch by Ann H. Shurgin

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