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Jesse Ventura Biography - Minnesota Native, In The Navy, Motorcycle Gang Member, Jesse "the Body" Ventura

governor federation change wrestler


American wrestler

Known as Jesse "The Body" Ventura as a wrestler with the American Wresting Federation, and later with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), Jesse Ventura appealed in 1998 to Minnesota voters who wanted a change in the governor's mansion. Change they got when Ventura became governor Ventura. A master of self-reinvention, Ventura has reached the top of four professions: in the Navy as a member of the elite cadre of commandos known as SEALs, as one of the most popular pro wrestlers in the United States, as a Hollywood movie actor, and finally as a politician.

Jesse Ventura

Sketch by Michael Belfiore

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jessie had a few conspiricy thearies shows on true tv and then disappeard, what happened to him?