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Dick Vitale - Selected Writings By Vitale:

indianapolis masters weiss press

(With Curry Kirkpatrick) Vitale: Just Your Average Bald, One-eyed Basketball Wacko Who Beat the Ziggy and Became a PTP'er. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1988.

(With Dick Weiss) Time Out, Baby! New York: Putnam, 1991.

(With Mike Douchant) Tourney Time—It's Awesome, Baby Indianapolis: Masters Press, 1993.

(With Charlie Parker and Jim Angresano) Dickie V's Top 40 All-Everything Teams. Indianapolis: Masters Press, 1994.

(With Dick Weiss) Holding Court: Reflections on the Game I Love. Indianapolis: Masters Press, 1995.

(With Dick Weiss) Campus Chaos: Why the Game I Love Is Breaking My Heart. Indianapolis: Time Out Publishing, 1999.

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