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Dick Weber - Inducted Into Abc Hall Of Fame

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Weber's brilliance as a bowler was recognized in 1970 by the American Bowling Congress, which inducted him that year into its Hall of Fame. In accepting the honor, Weber was moved to tears, according to Chuck Pezzano, bowling columnist for the Record (Bergen County, NJ). The bowling great walked to the podium and said: "I had so much to say when I was in the dressing room, but I find the words coming hard now," as the tears began to roll down his cheeks. Looking back on his emotional reaction, Weber later told Pezzano: "My mind just went blank. I got a feeling the whole world was looking down on me. I was surprised because basically I'm a ham. I like the spotlight. I never thought I'd see the day when I was speechless.

In February 2000 Bowling Magazine, the official publication of the ABC, conducted a poll to identify the twenty best bowlers of the 20th century. Weber topped the list, followed by Earl Anthony, Don Carter, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Mark Roth, Mike Auby, Hank Marino, Don Johnson, Ned Day, Joe Norris, Peter Weber (Weber's youngest son), Andy Varipapa, Billy Hardwick, Junie McMahon, Marshall Holman, Nelson Burton Jr., Bill Lillard, Carmen Salvino, Harry Smith, and Dick Ritger.

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