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American figure skater

Brian Boitano transformed professional figure skating by both forcing his fellow skaters to excel in order to match his true technical mastery, as well as by his tireless outside of the rink, becoming one of figure skating's true ambassadors. Boitano captured six world professional titles during his career and has set standards that may never be matched. He is the first American Athlete to have his own network television special, and won an Emmy for his role in Carmen on Ice which aired in 1990. With over 50 titles to his name—including 23 international gold medals, two World titles, two Pro/Am titles, 16 professional titles and four U.S. National titles—Boitano also captured Olympic gold in 1988.


(With Suzanne Harper) Boitano's Edge: Inside the Real World of Figure Skating, Simon & Schuster, 1997.

Sketch by Eric Lagergren

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